What's Drudge Doing? The Drudge Report's black and white redesign prompts speculation

Some readers of Drudgereport.com were surprised this week to find that all of the images on the popular website had been converted to black and white, prompting speculation as to the reasoning behind the decision.

Created by Matt Drudge, The Drudge Report is a news aggregation and breaking news site. It began as a newsletter in the 1990s and eventually became an outlet that known for its use of inside sources to break news on major political and social stories. The Drudge Report is also a major source for incoming traffic to several top news sites.

But because many of Drudge’s editorial decisions are often shrouded in mystery -- Drudge is notoriously press shy and rarely gives interviews --  many fans of the site are wondering if there is a deeper meaning behind the site's design change.

Speculation on several web forums has included the theory that perhaps the black and white theme is a metaphor for political relations in this country, where there are two extremes with no middle ground.

Others suggest he may simply be returning to the old style of newspapers in simple black and white print.

FoxNews.com reached out to Drudge for comment on the changes, but messages were not immediately returned.