'WAGs' star Autumn Ajirohtutu: 'Men throw themselves at us ... and we’re okay with that'

Welcome to the world of "WAGS," a glamorous, cut-throat group of ladies who are the wives and girlfriends (hence the acronym) of some of today’s best professional athletes. The new E! show stars Nicole Williams, Barbie Blank and Autumn Ajirohtutu, who told FOX411 about being the other half of a sport’s power couple and how they feel about that pesky "gold digger" label.

FOX411: Nicole, would you be with your man if he was not a rich, famous, professional athlete?

Nicole Williams: Of course, of course. That is thing we deal with as girlfriends, wives, fiancées being with professional athletes -- we have that label like we’re gold diggers, they’re only with them for the fame, they’re only with them for attention, and I think it’s insulting a little. If Larry (English) lost his job tomorrow and was poor and was living in a ditch, I would live in a ditch with him, like, no questions asked.

FOX411: Autumn, why are you laughing? Do you not believe what Nicole is saying?

Autumn Ajirohtutu: No, I do because it’s so cute because my husband is an undrafted free agent, so I feel the same exact way. This profession or this lifestyle is not guaranteed, so to hear Nicole say that is funny because I feel the exact same way.

FOX411: Barbie, do people assume you’re gold diggers?

Barbie Blank:  Well, no. I worked my butt off in the WWE when I was 19 years old. I worked 300 days a year working my butt off to get to where I am, so I would have to highly disagree with that. I met my now fiancé when I was still wrestling. I think it’s great because we both relate to each other because we’re both in the world of athletics. I just think we relate, and I’m not a gold digger.

FOX411:  Nicole, there are women like your castmate Olivia who said she will only date athletes. What do you think of that?

Williams: Olivia’s a really good friend of mine. With that being said, all of her friends in that group are all dating or married to professional athletes, so that’s what she is used to, and with other girls, I would just say it’s not about dating a professional athlete, it’s like if you love somebody and that happens to be their job, then that’s who they are, but you have to love your man before, obviously, his career.

FOX411:  Autumn, in a teaser for the show, you say that wives rarely socialize with girlfriends because who knows if they’ll stick around.

Ajirohtutu: I said that because women are emotional creatures. We can’t help it. A lot of these men bring so many different women around and they call them their girlfriend, and then they break up with them a couple weeks later, or a few months later, and we get an emotional connection to them. So, we try to stick away from the girlfriends as much as possible. We don’t know if there here today, gone tomorrow.

FOX411: Barbie, there’s a lot of keeping up with the Joneses on the show. One girl said that your engagement ring, which looks to be 4-plus carats, is too small.

Blank:  It’s 7 carats. I don’t know why she decided to say that or where that came from or if she needs glasses. Some people don’t have filters. It is what it is.

FOX411: Nicole, all of you had careers before your high-profile relationships. Do you ever feel overshadowed by your men?

Blank: I feel like we complement each other really well.

Williams:  We support one of another.  He always pushes me to keep going. It’s tough but it’s great when you have your own career and your own thing going.

FOX411:  Autumn, you and the other ladies discuss the fear of being cheated on almost incessantly on the show. How do you deal with that fear? Is it possible to cheat-proof your relationship?

Ajirohtutu: Yes, and I think trust is the number one key. I’ve been with my significant other for over eight years now. You know you would be a fool to think the girls aren’t throwing themselves at your man. Men throw themselves at us. It comes with the territory, and we’re okay with that.