Trevor Noah tears apart Peter Strzok's opportunistic GoFundMe campaign

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah had a few choice words for former FBI agent Peter Strzok's new GoFundMe page.

Strzok was fired from the FBI earlier this month after it was revealed the agent, who was assigned to both the investigation into Clinton’s personal email server and the special counsel’s probe into potential collusion between Trump officials and Russia during the election, exchanged anti-Trump text messages with senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

The GoFundMe campaign was set up by friends of the former agent in order to raise money for "legal costs and his lost income." The campaign has raised more than $430,000 as of Friday afternoon. The initial ask was $150,000.

Noah, who is no fan of President Trump himself, criticized the campaign as opportunistic and suggested there were more important causes for people to give their money towards on GoFundMe.

"Because seriously, half a million dollars on a GoFundMe just for hating Donald Trump…! There are cancer patients on that site that are like, ‘Hey! We hate him too, can you help me pay for my treatment?'" Noah asked.

"Daily Show" correspondent Michael Kosta chimed in, "I get it. People are desperate for something that can hurt Trump even a little bit. But that's how scams work, by preying on the most desperate.

"Take James Comey. For a year, everyone is furious at that seven-foot freak for basically getting Trump elected. Then he writes a book saying he actually hates Trump, and the Resistance starts making it rain," Kosta added.