Top 5 Green Carpet Moments at the Latin GRAMMY Awards

What made this year’s 12th Latin GRAMMY Awards green carpet different? Well, it was evident that there was a “reverse” cross over factor with the caliber of stars parading the green carpet.

While big household names in Spanish media got fans screaming, the participation of Latino stars known in the mainstream was memorable and exciting to witness.

What is happening? A renewed sense of belonging, a reclaiming of heritage and a passionate sense pride that brought big stars like Erik Estrada, Wilmer Valderrama, Zoë Saldaña, Taboo from the Black Eye Peas and even Usher, now singing to smooth Dominican vibes of Bachata with Romeo, to share with Latinos in “Spanish.”

In a green carpet where most media questions address the typical “who are you wearing”, we got deeper with the stars as they shared their insights as Latinos. We event got Wilmer Valderrama all fired up talking about the importance of the Latino vote.

Also we had a personal moment with Neil Portnow, President/ CEO of The Latin Recording Academy who shared with us the process for winner selection, which despite what most may think, it is not connected at all to popularity or sales but an objective musical evaluation and voting process by members of the Academy.

In a green carpet where most media questions address the typical “who are you wearing”, we got deeper with the stars as they shared their insights as Latinos.

The Academy is a non-for-profit organization and is strictly focused on the advancement of the art and science of music. He was happy to have found a media outlet like us, Fox News Latino, interested to address this insight. He praised our work for being there!

So what are our highlights from the green carpet? Here is our top 5:

1- The cross over parade of stars. Demonstrating that despite what most may think, Latinos are not necessarily “blending and acculturating” but instead celebrating their unity and uniqueness and one community and family! No wonder Taboo from the Black Eye Peas ended his performance with a big shout out “VIVA MEXICO!”

2- The Vegas flare. In full costume we had the cast of LA REVE walking down the green carpet as well as the glamorous ladies of the Crazy Horse show, who later danced on stage in a super sexy performance by Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

3- Romeo and Usher. Who came just minutes before the green carpet closed which gave us no chance to talk to them! But, it was exciting to see and hear a screaming bleacher of Latinos screaming Usher, Usher, Usher!

4- Wilmer Valderrama’s PSA (Public Service Announcement) to get Latinos voting! Wilmer is involved in the Voto Latino initiative and he was happy we gave him a moment and platform to share his message from the green carpet. His call to action was powerful and it demonstrates his true commitment and passion for our community and his interest in driving Latinos to register and vote.

5- A not so humble José Alberto “El Canario”. When asked about which colleague or star he admired most he insisted that he only admired himself. At first, we thought he was trying to have a funny light hearted moment with us, but he meant it and was serious! This while other mega stars mentioned their icons and respected colleagues humbly.

Then the night followed with an evening of memorable performances, nominees and winners enjoying the most exclusive Latin music ceremony in the world! And we were there, to witness it all.

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