Tony Robbins: Hot coals event where 30 were treated for burns 'not a big deal'

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Tony Robbins said last month’s headline-making hot coals event in Dallas, which garnered media attention after more than 30 participants were treated for burns, is no different from any other event he’s hosted.

“It was no different than any event than we’ve ever done,” he told FOX411. “It’s not a big deal. Unfortunately, it was played into one.”

Robbins blamed the “24-7 media cycle” for the buzz about the event. He noted, as media reports did, that “the same thing happened five years ago” and said the reports about the Dallas event were blown out of proportion.

“A few people had some blisters,” he said. “That happens at every single event. There was nothing different, but what happened was somebody drove by... who was unaware of what was going on, saw some people who had wrapped up their feet… called 911 and said ‘We need four ambulances right now.’ They sent them over, and the next day the media was covering it.”

Robbins reiterated that the event was typical for him, as were the burns.

“It’s so ridiculous. There is no difference between this event and any one I’ve done in [39] years except the reporting,” he said. “At every event I do about one half of 1 percent of the people get a hot spot or a blister.

“Now, if you go to run the marathon here in New York, you’re probably going to get a blister, and you’re not going to go ‘Oh my God I got a blister! This is horrible!’ You’re going to see it as a badge of courage and you did it anyway.”

Robbins pointed out that the hot coals walk is a small portion of the events he holds.

“At our events, we have four days of events. This is one hour of one night, the first night,” he said. “What it is about is confronting your fear and getting yourself to take action anyway, and most people find that to be really incredibly invigorating and freeing, but no one is forced to do it. Everyone knows the risk. There’s medical professionals [there].”

Robbins’ new Netflix documentary, “I am not your Guru,” is coming to the streaming service on July 15.

Fox News' Ashley Dvorkin contributed to this report.