'The View' gets heated as Michelle Collins says Ted Cruz lives by a 'crazy moral code'

Things got heated Monday morning on “The View” when the panelists tackled a report from National Enquirer claiming Ted Cruz has had multiple affairs. 

Candace Cameron Bure didn’t hold back when co-host Michelle Collins said she’d be somewhat satisfied if the report is true because Cruz lives by a “crazy moral code.” 

“Crazy moral code?!” Bure fired back. She said Cruz lives by Christian values and she was upset to hear Collins refer to his way of life as a “crazy moral code.” 

“You know, you have a point actually,” Collins said backing down. She added she should just say “moral code.” 

“The point is if he is a cheater it would be quite satisfying,” Collins argued. 

But her point of view didn’t sit well with Bure. 

“Michelle, I love you but I am so disagreeing with you… I don’t find satisfaction in seeing anyone be ruined,” she said. “I want to believe the best in people… I always want to hope and root for people.” 

The other hosts chimed in, and Bure was clear to show her disagreement, but she held her tongue as the show headed into a commercial break. 

“I don’t know what to say,” she said shrugging as the segment ended. “Like OK? Moving on.” 

The Twitterverse was quick to weigh in on the heated segment. Some fans sided with Collins.

Others thought Bure was right to shut down Collins’ comments.

When the show returned from break, all was normal around the hosts' table.