'The Sandlot' prequel reportedly in early stages of development

It's been over 25 years since the iconic coming-of-age comedy "The Sandlot" first hit theaters, but fans could soon be getting a long-awaited follow-up.

20th Century Fox is currently in the early stages of developing a prequel to the beloved cult classic, and they've tapped the original film's writer-director, David Mickey Evans, to co-write the script, Deadline reports.

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The original film, which was set in 1962, followed a group of teenagers who play baseball at a local sandlot that is next door to the home of an old man and his supposedly vicious English mastiff, known to the kids as "The Beast."

The film details the misadventures of the group of loveable misfits as they navigate their teen years and eventually learn the real story behind The Beast, and his blind, elderly owner, Mr. Mertle.

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Evans -- who also directed the movie's direct-to-DVD sequel "The Sandlot 2," which came out in 2005 -- will reportedly be working on the script alongside feature film newcomer Austin Reynolds.

Details regarding the potential plot of the prequel have not yet been announced, nor is it known who will helm the project.

Back in April, the cast of "The Sandlot" reunited for an interview with the "Today" show, where the group reminisced about their memories of the film and the lasting impact of its legacy.

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"It's been crazy, it definitely gets you in places for free," said actor Marty York, who played Alan "Yeah-Yeah" McClennan. "You can't walk through a Las Vegas casino without someone yelling, 'Yeah-Yeah!'"