What was life like before the gang had girlfriends?

That’s the question on the guys' minds when they set up a science retreat for the weekend. While they may love (or in Sheldon’s case, tolerate) the women in their lives, they can’t help but wonder if they’d be able to accomplish more if they didn’t have the girls around to distract them. While going through a notebook of old inventions, most of which are sex robots, they decide to come up with a new idea.

After viewing “Back to the Future II” for inspiration, they decide to craft their very own hoverboard. Unfortunately, the conversation doesn’t prove to be very productive. Leonard looks on with dismay as the gang debate the sense of the movie’s alternate timelines, prompting them to wonder if maybe a change of scenery is what they need.

As far as progress goes, Leonard’s laboratory still leaves much to be desired. Google proves to be just as distracting as their girlfriends as it isn’t long before they have fallen down an Internet rabbit hole of phallic-shaped countries and pigeons playing ping pong. Even ripping duct tape off of each other’s arms isn’t enough to keep the guys on topic. The night ends much like it began, with the guys back in the apartment watching an eighties movie, this time with the knowledge that the women in their lives haven’t changed them much at all.

The girls are more than happy to take a break from the guys and head to Vegas for a wild weekend. Plans change quickly for ringleader Penny, who gets a call from her boss that leads to her staying behind to study, while Bernadette and Amy hit the Strip. Several giant margaritas later they return to convince Penny to take a break from the books and hit up the strip club full of Australian exotic dancers.

Bernadette (who is a very charming drunk) and Amy find themselves in the unique position of having to peer pressure Penny into stepping away from her studies and it actually works, sort of. Penny brings her computer to the strip club, reading and typing as Bernadette and Amy have the time of their lives dropping singles into the stripper’s skivvies.

It’s Penny who has the last laugh though, as she wakes up the hungover duo bright and early to let them know she’s going to the pool to swim. She deviously opens the drapes on her way out, letting the bright sun into the hotel room and knocking Amy right off the bed.