Teresa Giudice reveals she attended parties, used ‘spa services’ in prison

In Teresa Giudice’s new book, “Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again,” she describes some of the most horrifying and uplifting moments of her prison sentence.

After spending a year behind bars, Giudice released a book derived from her prison diary. She describes encountering maggots in the food, unsanitary bathroom conditions and lots of drama from her fellow inmates.

But it wasn’t all bad behind bars.
The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star also writes extensively about the prison parties she attended and the beauty services she took advantage of.

“I went to my first party the first week I was there,” she writes. “I had no idea they threw parties in prison.”

Giudice describes the turkey dinner and speech-filled celebration that was held for an inmate that was being released.

Throughout the chapters she mentions various parties that filled her time.

At one birthday party, she writes the women made a dress for a fellow inmate out T-shirts.

“She loved it and ran down the hall to the bathroom to try it on. She came back out and modeled it for us, pretending to walk like a supermodel on the runway—but in the streets of Danbury. We all laughed and cheered for her. I was having such a good time that for a minute, I actually forgot I was in prison.”

The reality star also didn’t hesitate to get involved with the beauty routines at the prison.

“Besides all the parties I was going to at Danbury, another thing I hadn’t expected was that you basically had spa services at your disposal there—prison-style…. Tonya painted my nails at least once a week and did my makeup for me before visitation.”

She also writes that she got massages while in prison by giving a fellow inmate chips, soda and mascara in return.

Giudice’s new book is now on sale.