Ted Nugent Blasts Hollywood 'Idiots,' Promotes Gun Ownership

Rocker Ted Nugent likes meat, and has no time for those who don't.

We caught up with the rocker and star of the Outdoor Channel show “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild,” (which airs on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm ET) to find out more about his love of hunting, and his distaste for Hollywood.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding hunting, and why do you love it?

As a hunter, I am a person who is connected to Mother Earth and knows where food comes from. The production of tofu causes more death than my machine gun and helicopter. The fields that you need to grow the beans in have to be completely destroyed of any wildlife or any living thing so that it doesn’t have to compete with tofu.

You tweeted about having a great Easter…

Yes, I devoured a ham. It’s the least I can do to celebrate He rises. We have an incredible pantry of God’s renewable protein here in Texas and Michigan and God just keeps sending me packages of delicious grilled meat and I accept them.”

You’re speaking at the 2011 NRA Show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this weekend where you’re hosting a seminar session called, "I Still Believe," which focuses on freedom and gun rights. What is the main message you’re trying to get out?

It has always been the brain-dead elitist element to disarm others, while they are armed and protected by the other’s tax dollars. The misconception is misrepresentation in the media, and people who look at a gun and immediately look at the tragic use of a gun.

They don’t look at a chainsaw and think of dismembered people, they don’t look at automobiles as the tool of the drunk driver, and it is this bizarre mysticism of some shallow minds that the gun has a personality. Guns save lives. Anti-gunners have created these gun free zones where more lives have been lost. The most evil empires start by disarming their subjects, meanwhile 99 percent of gun owners in America have never caused a problem.

So what solutions do you have for curbing crime?

If you want to stop crime you can’t go after hardware, you would stop the early release, the parole, the plea bargaining and the turning of the states' evidence by vicious evil monsters that are raping and murdering Americans. Don’t let them out of the cage! Crime will be down 90 percent the day we do that, because 96 percent of the crimes are committed by some judge or some prosecuted attorney somewhere let him out of the cage. When my dog poops on the couch, he’ll never do it again – because I won’t let him near the couch again. What an idea!

You’ve come under fire by numerous animal rights groups such as PETA over the years – what rationale do you give people who disagree with hunting and slaughtering animals?

Where will next year’s productivity live if we don’t balance the surplus? It makes a lot more sense than Bill Maher and Pam Anderson (celebrity animal rights activists) saying we should stop hunting, because if you did than where would production live?

Speaking of Hollywood types, have your conservative opinions caused you trouble in the entertainment industry over the years?

(It is) like being a Jewish bagel operator in Nuremberg in 1938 and being scorned by Nazis. I’m the good guys, they are the bad guys. As long as the idiots don’t like you, it proves you are not an idiot.

I have been attacked for my NRA activities, my activities as a hunter, attacked as a real conservationist. Here is a man that has been attacked for my militant hatred for drinking and driving, and drunk idiots ruining lives because in Hollywood, if you aren’t drooling, puking and dying it is not a party. If you want to see a party watch Uncle Ted –  I have been clean and sober for 63 years and this is a f**king party! Write that down!