Tara Reid's Hot Pink 'Sharknado' Dress and Kitano's 'Cilantini' Brunch Cocktail

This is what's going on, everybody:

Tara Reid arrived for the L.A. premiere of "Sharknado 2: The Second One" in a hot pink gown that barely covered her up (below). On a different note, why is "Sharknado" having another premiere? This thing was on TV already. We know it was. mere weeks ago.

When it comes to brunch cocktails, most of us fall into two camps: the bloody mary bunch and the mimosa mob. But if you're getting sick of the same old drinks, try a Cilantini, just like they make at Kitano in NYC. See how master mixologist Pablo Villarreal mixes one up in the video above.

"Today" show correspondent Carson Daly and fiancee Siri Pinter welcomed a baby girl on Wednesday. The couple gave her the name London, possibly as a subtle, gross reminder of where she was conceived.

According to TMZ, the main catalyst for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's marital problems was Cannon's recent radio interview on L.A.'s Power 106, in which he admitted to sleeping with Kim Kardashian before he was married. But if Mariah is going to hold Nick accountable for things he did before they met, he should be afforded the same luxury. She was in "Glitter," after all.

Former "Dancing With the Stars" dancer Julianne Hough announced on Thursday that she'll be re-joining the show as a judge. It's like they always say: No matter how far you go or how many mediocre movies you make, you'll always come back to the place where you started.

According to her latest Instagram post (which is most certainly a paid advertisement), Kim Kardashian is "waist training" with a corset-like device. She mentioned that she's using it to give herself more of an hourglass figure, presumably by squeezing all of her internal organs into her chest and hips.

Katie Holmes told DuJour magazine that her recent absence from films was just a "dry spell" and had nothing to do with her former marriage to Tom Cruise. Her absence from everyone's collective consciousness, however, probably did have something to do with that union.

The government of the Dominican Republic has cancelled a scheduled Miley Cyrus concert because it goes "against morals" of the region. But if we can defend Miley for a moment, we'd like to remind the DR that Miley goes against everyone's morals. They were just the first to speak up.

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp have reportedly split up after three years of dating. Distance was cited as a factor, but we're guessing it's also because John watched "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail," and realized he'd could never generate the same chemistry as the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan machine.

Sir-Mix-a-Lot is all kinds of happy about the success of Nicki Minaj's song "Anaconda," mostly because it samples his 1992 hit "Baby Got Back" and likely earned him a small fortune in royalties. He also claims to have watched the video 37 times, because man, that guy really wasn't lying about his love of butts.

Speaking of which, Marvel Comics got into trouble this week over an alternate cover of their latest Spider-Woman comic, which features Spider-Woman in an overtly sexual pose. It's quite crude, yes, but we've also got a bone to pick with Spider-Woman's crime-fighting tactics: With her butt in the air like that, she can't possibly be watching over the city in an effective manner!

And finally, Winona Ryder is the latest celebrity to sign on for another one of those dramatic HBO shows that you keep telling yourself you're not going to get hooked on, yet get hooked on nonetheless.