'Stuck in the Middle' Jenna Ortega is a busy girl, but always with time for laughs

Never mess with Jenna Ortega when she has a prank in mind.

The 13-year-old “Stuck in the Middle” actress recalled with Fox News Latino one of her most memorable on-set pranks, which she played on April Fools’ Day to her on-screen brother, Isaac Presley.

“[He] was trying to convince everyone that he was going to pull this big prank and that everyone was going to be a victim of this prank,” she said. “And my [actual] sibling was on set that day and they said ‘why don’t we put deodorant in these Oreos.’ So we took the cream out of the Oreos and put the deodorant in.”

They then convinced Presley to eat one.

“He took a bite and it kind of took him a second. He said ‘this tastes kind of weird,’” Ortega said. “He kept chewing it and then all of a sudden his eyes popped out of their sockets. He ran over to the trash can, spit it out. He was screaming – he screams like a little girl. It was so funny and everyone was dying of laughter.”

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When not playing pranks on her co-stars, Ortega is probably one of the busiest young girls in Hollywood.

As “Stuck in the Middle” concludes its season 1 on Friday, the bubbly teen continues in New York City for a short stint at Radio City Musical for “New York Spectacular” featuring the Rockettes.

“All the different shows, they all have different schedules and the schedules just seemed to work out,” Ortega told FNL. “I’m happy to be working. It’s what I love to do.”

This week she will also be introduced as the voice of Isabel, the little sister of Elena of Avalor, Disney’s first Latina-inspired animated princess.

“To be a part of (‘Elena of Avalor’) is an honor,” the teen said. “I always wanted a Latina princess. I know that Aimee (Carrero) wanted a Latina princess… I’m so proud that young Latinas have a princess that can relate to – now they can see themselves as a Disney princess because when I was younger, I didn’t have that.”

As for performing with the Rockettes, Ortega said: “It’s been incredible. All the Rockettes are so talented and to be able to share the stage with them is an honor. I have met some pretty incredible people all the way and I am definitely thinking about coming back to theater.”

“New York Spectacular” runs through Aug. 7 at Radio City Musical.