Sofia Vergara: Highest Paid Actress in Television, Says Forbes Mag

Sofía Vergara is showing the world she’s all about the Benjamins!

Vergara, 40, who reportedly just got engaged to on-again-off-again boyfriend businessman Nick Loeb, is also the highest paid actress in television, according to Forbes magazine.

The Colombian actress portrays Gloria on the hit ABC show “Modern Family.” Forbes says that Vergara banked $19 million from May 2011 to May 2012.

Vergara’s combination of funny and sexy in both the Latino and mainstream markets has proven to be a magic formula when it comes to advertisers. In the past year, she snagged multiple endorsement deals with big time companies such as Cover Girl, Pepsi, Comcast and Kmart, which runs her clothing line, earning the star a staggering $7 million.

The Barranquilla-born actress also beat reality star Kim Kardashian, who trailed behind in the No. 2 spot on Forbes magazine as she earned $18 million May 2011 to May 2012 for “Keeping up With The Kardashians” on E! as well as her appearances and other business ventures.

Owning the third spot is another Latina -- Eva Longoria, earning $15 million for her popular role as Gaby on ABC's “Desperate Housewives.”

Like Vergara, Longoria also has an endorsement deal with Pepsi. And she has a cookbook out and multiple fragrances, various movie roles and a new reality show called “Ready for Love.”

Recently, Jennifer Lopez reassured the world she is one sexy, successful force to be reckoned with, making the top slot in Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

JLO brought in a whopping $52 million and has become the face of hot endorsements everywhere, from jewelry to cars, audio systems and fragrances.

This is the first time that Lopez makes the coveted spot on the prestigious magazine. Just a few years ago, Lopez was laying low after her all-Spanish album “Como Ama una Mujer” and movie with ex-hubby Marc Anthony, “El Cantante,” slumped in the box office.

But all changed for the better in 2010 as JLO took up the new judging gig on “American Idol.”

This opened the doors for Lopez to show the world her expertise as a performer and business woman. It also gave her the perfect platform for a comeback, as the singer has promoted singles and music videos and her new venture “Q’Viva: The Chosen” on the show.

And who can forget the major endorsement deals with L’Oreal, Fiat, Kohl’s and Gillette.
Following Lopez is TV queen Oprah Winfrey in second place and in third is teen sensation Justin Bieber.