'Sicario' actor leads police on law-abiding, medium speed car chase

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Instead of the "Fast and the Furious," call it the "moderate and the intoxicated."

An actor who played a Mexican cartel leader in “Sicario” was arrested for running away from real cops in Los Angeles – although it was a very polite sort of chase.

According to TMZ, Bernardo Saracino – who played drug lord Manuel Diaz, starring alongside Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt in the border crime thriller – was caught swerving on an L.A. freeway. When police tried to pull him over, however, instead of stopping, he led police on a short chase.

Police sources told the website that Saracino, who grew up in New Mexico, led police onto three different freeways during the eight-minute chase. In the process, he never once exceeded the speed limit.

Eventually Saracino pulled over and surrendered to police peacefully. He was booked with a misdemeanor DUI and evading police.

Saracino, who is set to appear in Tina Fey’s upcoming "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” has not commented on the arrest.

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