'Serial' host reveals the Taliban is listening to podcast

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Many people all over the world are fans of the “Serial” podcast, and it turns out so is the Taliban.

“Serial” host Sarah Koenig went on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and revealed that she counts the Taliban among her many fans.

This season of “Serial” focuses on Bowe Bergdahl, and to do research for the episodes, Koenig revealed she spoke to people from all sides of the story.

“Have you spoken to the Taliban?” Colbert quizzed.

“Um, yeah… I did,” Koenig admitted.

She said she did so by connecting with a person who had contacts within the Taliban. Colbert then questioned if the Taliban is tuning in for serial.

“I mean, [my connection who speaks with the Taliban] told me that yeah, they listen to it,” she revealed.

Colbert followed up, “And do they like it?”

Koenig revealed in fact, they do.

“Tomorrow is episode 5,” Koenig chimed in at the close of her interview.

“Well, we’re looking forward to it,” Colbert said. “And you know who else is? The Taliban.”