Selena Gomez: I’m Taking a Break From Music

Selena Gomez is tuning out for 2012 and focusing on her acting career.

The superstar, who starred as Alex Russo on Disney’s show “Wizards of Waverly Place,” told E! News that for the New Year she's doing the acting gig.

“We’re going to take a break from music,” Gomez told E! “I will be doing two films in the beginning of next year (2012), which I am excited about.”

The “Who Says” singer added that both films are “different” and roles that she’s “never played before.”

“[It] will be fun for me,” Gomez said.

Gomez was offered a role on the upcoming film "Spring Breakers" just as her superstar boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was hit with a paternity suit.

The former Disney starlet could star alongside heavyweight actors James Franco, Emma Roberts and Vanessa Hudgens, Variety reports, in the film.

The entertainment publication says the movie is about four girls in college who decide to hold up a restaurant in the hopes of getting enough cash to go on a trip to the beach.

Word on the street is that if Gomez signs on, she will play the role of a party-pooping religious young lady.

The news about Gomez focusing on her acting chops comes just as more Beliebers lash out at the star on Twitter.

Entertainment blogger Perez Hilton posted on his site that Gomez finds it “a little odd” that Bieber’s fans hate her so much.

SelGo received multiple death threats on Twitter when she and the Biebes made their relationship public.

“I understand it completely,” quoted Gomez saying. “It’s amazing to me to see how many passionate fans there are.”

“You’ve just got to think of the fans first,” she added.  “That’s OK.”

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