Selena Gomez has a new look: How to pull off her summer style

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Selena Gomez is trending big-time as images of her new face-framing fringe go viral. The pop princess, who just launched her world Revival Tour, is freshening up her look with head-turning bangs. She isn’t the only celebrity sporting the easy-breezy hairstyle for summer, either.

Emma Stone looks effortlessly beautiful with a casual forehead-sweep, and model Bella Hadid gives a confident statement with her heavy-handed approach.

Celebrity stylist Melissa Peverini says fringe was all over the runways from Paris to London to the U.S. this spring as the style to watch for summer 2016. Bangs can be beautiful or a big bust, but the stylist says Gomez got it right.

“It made her face look less round, more mature and very sexy!” Peverini tells FOX411.

Peverini spent years traipsing the globe working with everyone from rock stars like Rod Stewart to socialites like Melania Trump (yes, the woman who is now vying to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home).

And sure, celebs can pull off just about anything, but what about the rest of us?

Peverini says just about anyone can wear bangs, but you’ve got to consider your face shape and know that the cut locks can actually soften or alter your shape or highlight features.

The real issue to consider is your hair type.

“It is important to know how your hairline works and how your texture works when choosing bangs. Typically, thick curly hair should not wear bangs, but fine straight hair works well. “

The good news? You don’t age out of bangs. In fact, the star stylist says bangs are the perfect accessory to play your age up or down. “When you’re young, you can look more mature with them and when you’re older, you can look younger with them. [Women in their] 20s and 30s can be more daring, experimental, more playful and unstructured… 40s and 50s should be more sophisticated by making them a part of your entire hairstyle.”

Like girl-next-door Zooey Deschanel who, at 36, is known for still framing her baby blues with a heavy bang, and sophisticate Cate Blanchette who can still stop traffic 47. Of course, don’t ever forget Diane Keaton who still owns her look at 70.

Peverini says there is one area where age comes into play. “Since we lose density as we age, you do not want bulky bangs past your 50s and up.”