Selena Gomez Becomes Rebellious Vampire in 'Hotel Transylvania'

SelGo will be showing off some fangs very soon!

The actress will become a rebellious 118 year-old “teenage” vampire named Mavis in Sony’s new computer-animated 3D comedy film “Hotel Transylvania” due out in theatres September 28th.

“It’s a family-oriented movie and it touches on monsters and Dracula and all the stories that have been around for ages,” Gomez told Fox News Latino.

Gomez voices the character of Mavis, who has been living in her father’s castle all her life.

Comedian Adam Sandler voices Dracula, Gomez’s over protective dad who will stop at nothing to make sure his daughter’s curiosity doesn’t get the best of her. Gomez admits she was a little intimidated to work with the comedy giant but the two quickly bonded.

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“He [Adam Sandler] was really supportive, really funny, he was super happy with the movie, which makes me happy,” Gomez said.

In the film, Mavis wishes to spread her wings and explore the outside world, something the 20-year-old actress can relate to in real life.

"It’s not like I get vacation time from my parents when I go to different places to work, they’re right there with me,” quipped Gomez who said her parents go “everywhere with her.

The young actress says her parents and her team are what have kept her grounded since her early beginnings in Hollywood at the age of 10.

“I have a great support system, I really do, I have great friends, I have a great family, I have amazing fans and I’m super lucky to do what I do.”

Gomez began her acting career on the hit kid show “Barney and Friends.” But it was her role as Alex Russo on Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” that made her a household name.

The show ran for five years and celebrated its last season this year. Yet the actress has no intentions of is slowing down. Gomez’s third studio album, “When the Sun Goes Down,” released last year was certified platinum, and she recently launched a new fashion and fragrance line.

SelGo is already hard at work on her fourth album. Her boyfriend, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, is reportedly writing the songs for that album.

Although Gomez has transformed from young teenager to young lady in front of the public eye, she tells us she has stayed true to who she is.

“I’m still the same person, but getting older having more experiences, [just] being a little more independent,” said Gomez. “It’s kind of a little bit of a change but not too drastic.”

Off screen her romantic relationship with Bieber has been public for many months. On-screen, the actress has recently embarked in more adult-themed movies. She recently wrapped “Spring Breakers” where she stars alongside James Franco.

The movie is a comedy drama about four college girls who end up in jail after robbing a restaurant.

“It’s a little bit of a departure for me,” said Gomez. “It’s a little scandalous in a way, but it was a great script, a great director and a working with James [Franco] was an honor,” said Gomez.

She also got to branch out and do stunt work while filming the action crime movie “Getaway,” where she stars alongside Ethan Hawke and John Voight.

“I’ve never been in car chasing scenes, and being thrown around and all of that stuff was fun for me.”