Sarah Jessica Parker says she was fired from 'Antz,' 'Home on the Range'

Even Hollywood's most successful stars have had their shares of failures.

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed in a new interview with Howard Stern that she was fired from the set of not one, but two animated films.

"I was fired from 'Antz,' that animated movie. And I was fired from 'Home on the Range,' that other animated movie," she told Stern Tuesday. "Apparently I was a bad ant."

The "Divorce" star added, "I can't remember which movie fired me first. The first time they were like, ‘we're going in a different direction,' which I always heard as a joke and that one was a cow."

Despite showing up for "many sessions" for the animated movies, she still lost both roles.

"What was upsetting was they even called me like the week before they fired me. They called to tell me how great I was, which I felt was like a set up but I think they meant it at that time."

The "Antz" firing came at an especially bad time. Parker was in the middle of looking to buy an apartment with husband Matthew Broderick.

"We were looking for an apartment to buy and then I got a call and they're like ‘Hey listen' and I was like I can't believe I'm about to purchase a home."