San Francisco board bans tour buses near 'Full House' home

Tour buses have been banned from driving near the iconic "Full House" home in San Francisco, California.

The house on Broderick Street apparently caused traffic in the area, and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors voted on the ban, KABC-TV reported Tuesday.

The proposal reportedly affects commercial vehicles with nine or more seats, from Broderick between Pine and Bush Streets.

Local resident Kate Scott told SFGATE that she can "see cars full of people looking for the Full House house consistently turning the wrong way on Pine (one way going west) and Bush (one way going east), resulting in honking, much yelling, and fender benders multiple times a month."

Home to the Tanner family, of the famed '90s show, visitors have been frequenting the area more since the show's "Fuller House" reboot on Netflix, which premiered in February 2016.

The building was bought by the creator of the show in 2016, according to the San Francisco-area news outlet. It reportedly went on the market for $4.15 million in May of that year.