Salma Hayek won't even say Donald Trump's name to not give him 'extra publicity'

Step aside Voldemort, there is another person Salma Hayek will be calling “He-Who-Shall-No-Be-Named” – and it's presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking to E! News recently about Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants, Hayek said she won’t even speak his name because she doesn’t want to give him “extra publicity.”

The Mexican actress’ comment comes more than a month after the business mogul said that Mexican immigrants coming to the U.S. were of the worst kind — rapists and drug dealers.

Hayek said she was not shocked by Trump’s remarks, accusing the businessman of saying anything to get attention.

“I’m aware that he would say anything to attract attention and create the publicity around him,” she said. “If something generates publicity, I would never be surprised about anything he does.”

The actress, who is promoting her new animated film “Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet,” said she would actually be more surprised if Trump “did something courageous and meaningful that nobody found out about.”

“This was not courageous and meaningful,” Hayek added.

The actress said one good thing that has come out of all Trump’s remarks is that the bigoted underbelly of America has been brought to light.

"What is interesting about it is that thanks to that [and] all the things that he said – I don't repeat them and I don't say his name because I don't want to give him extra publicity – this concept of America being a place where there is no discrimination, and it's not racist anymore, and we had the Civil War and the good people won, I think it's beginning to show that discrimination and racism in this country is a bigger problem than we accept it is," she said, before continuing, "At least he brought a light into a real problem."

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