Rumors Swirl That William Levy Is Leaving Fiancé For Co-Star Ximena Navarrete

William Levy is head-over-heels in love with his “La Tempestad” co-star Ximena Navarrete and even plans to leave his fiancé and mother of his children for her.

Navarrete, a former Miss Universe, was quick to deny the rumors of their alleged relationship via Twitter.

“Don’t believe everything you read. Some magazines will like just to sell. Some say: Live and let live,” she wrote.

Her comments come days after Mexican magazine TV Notas claimed Levy, 33, and his long-time partner, Elizabeth Gutierrez, who have an 8-year-old son 4-year-old daughter together, were on the brink of a break up and that he planned to have a formal relationship with Navarrette.

According to a source, the Cuban hunk was madly in love with his 26-year-old co-star and was ready to announce his definite separation from the mother of his children.

TV Notas recently posted a video of the Cuban model singing happy birthday to someone and then saying he loved her. Nowhere in the video does he mention Navarrete’s name, but gossip sites have been speculating it is her. Both Navarrete and Gutierrez had birthdays recently.

According to TV Notas, Levy moved out of the couple's house into an apartment in Miami.

Adding fuel to the fire, Gutierrez shared a photo with her children while celebrating her birthday, captioning it: “At the end of the day, this is the only thing that matters.”

Levy has not commented on the recent rumors, though denied speculation in 2013 that he had a relationship with Navarrete.

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