Roselyn Sanchez Teases ‘A New Murder Mystery’ On ‘Devious Maids’

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Last summer’s "Devious Maids" finale featured a killer ending (pun intended!) and a big reveal: We finally found out who killed Flora (Paula Garces).

But Roselyn Sanchez, who stars as the fabulous maid/singer Carmen Luna on the hit Lifetime series (which returns for its second season on Sunday at 9/8c), told Fox News Latino that the show’s second season will be even deadlier!

"There are deaths," the Puerto Rican actress revealed, adding that there’s "a new murder mystery happening, new families, and a lot of changes."

One of those changes, Sanchez said, will focus on her co-star Ana Ortiz’s character, Marisol Duarte. In season 1, Marisol was a college professor posing as a maid in order to prove her son’s innocence in Flora’s murder, but in season 2, she won’t be the help — she’ll hire the help.

"Ana has her own maid, which is crazy! And she’s engaged to this very wealthy man and  she’s going through this ,’who is he — for real?" said Sanchez. "Because he’s a little bit devious, actually. He has secrets," she added with a laugh.

So what’s coming up for Sanchez’s character? "Carmen is out of her mind," said Sanchez. "She decides to forget about love and become the beard for Alejandro Rubio (Matt Cedeno) because he’s gay and a big pop star and he doesn’t want the world to know he’s gay. So I become his trophy wife," said Sanchez.

"And then thinking that’s going to change my life dramatically and I’m going to accomplish my dreams, but of course everything goes wrong and she’s completely out of touch with reality and [makes] bad choices and insanity. But I love her. She’s crazy."

Sanchez also revealed that the fake relationship between Carmen and Alejandro won’t last forever. "Something really interesting happens to Alejandro and that changes my destiny," teased Sanchez, who added that, unlike season 1, Carmen will not have any real love interests in season 2.

"Oh my God, none. Zero," Sanchez said. "Everybody has a boy this season and as of now, nothing. I kept asking Marc [Cherry], ‘When? Bring my husband [Eric Winter]! He can be my love interest," she said with a laugh.

And while Sanchez had an infamous naked scene (stuffed in a piano) in season 1, she said she hasn’t yet filmed any naked scenes for season 2. "Do I have any naked scenes? No. I have a lot of sexy stuff, but no, not yet. But I’m sure it’s coming!" said an excited Sanchez.

The actress told Fox News Latino she’s also excited for fans to see the season 2 premiere, which was directed by "Devious Maids" producer Eva Longoria.

"Eva is one of my dear friends and I remember when we started together in the business — and to see her grow and become this mega-power, so important for the Latino community, and an activist — it’s just amazing!" said Sanchez.

"And to see your little friend doing it like she was born to do it, it’s like, ‘are you freaking kidding me? Eva, you’re amazing!’ I want to cry. She’s so incredible!"

Sanchez also said she’s thrilled that the Latino community has embraced the show and given it a chance. "We prayed for that turnaround to happen and we were hopeful and it changed," says Sanchez. "My main thing was always ‘just see it first,’" she said.

"Everybody went crazy because the title was 'Devious Maids' and it’s not even about that. Forget about the title — it’s about five fabulous women and it’s our point of view. I think once people started seeing the show, the shift was immediate. Everybody that was negative, now they’re like, ‘oh my God, I actually love it.’ It’s been fantastic and a blessing to see everybody just love it," she said.