The time has come for Becky to get pregnant as a surrogate on "Roseanne," but without her family’s support and her lies coming out, things take a bad turn.

The episode opens with Becky bursting into the Conner house holding a new puppy. She reveals that she’s about to get her big $50,000 payout for getting pregnant with Andrea’s child. Because she’s planning to use the money to get a house with a yard, she figured she might as well buy the dog for it first.

Roseanne and Dan come home and hear that this is the big day. As previously mentioned on the show, they’re not on board with Becky’s choice to be a surrogate, believing she’s not thinking through the intricacies of giving up a baby at 43. Not wanting to hear the dissent, Becky storms out declaring she’ll never be back.

At the doctor’s office, Jackie is there supporting Becky when Andrea arrives. She’s so excited to potentially be nine months away from being a mom that she gives Becky a faberge egg as a “thank you” gift. When the trio goes in to meet with the doctor, he breaks the bad news. Becky’s eggs aren’t acting like those of a 33 year old. That’s likely because she has been lying about her age. Although she claimed to never want to be a mother, Becky learns that she no longer even has the option.

With that, Andrea leaves with the egg.

Jackie breaks the news to Roseanne, who confronts Becky about it. She wants to tell her that she’s happy she won’t be giving up a child, but is sad that she cannot get pregnant. However, Becky doesn’t let her get a word in as she believes she’s just going to be hit with yet another “I told you so” rant from her mom.

When it’s over, Roseanne recognizes that she made things worse. Knowing that no money means Becky had to give up her dog, she asks Jackie to go get it from the pound and take care of it until Becky is able to get a home of her own.

“I’m getting a dog?!” an excited Jackie exclaims.

The family gets more bad news later that night as Jackie returns to the Conner household to reveal that the pound would not let her adopt the dog.

“You’re the perfect match,” a confused Roseanne says. “You’ve got no one to love and no one to love you.”

The sisters return to the pound to set things straight. They’re told again that there are rules to ensure the dog’s safety and that they typically don’t give young dogs to older owners. Roseanne convinces the woman working at the pound to allow Jackie to hold the dog one last time. When she does, Roseanne tells her to run off with it. The clerk threatens to call the cops, but Roseanne tells her that Jackie is one, conveniently leaving out the fact that Jackie left the force.

Meanwhile, Becky is taking the news that she can’t have kids hard. She texted Darlene because she got a bit too drunk at work. The two sisters sit down together and do shots while trying to figure out what went wrong in their lives to bring them to this position. That’s when Becky makes a huge reveal.

She and her late husband, Mark, were trying to have kids when he died. She claims that, although she’s been with other guys since Mark, none have been baby daddy material. Darlene thinks this might be part of the reason she’s so stuck in a bad place in her life.

“I don’t know if you can see yourself frozen in the same place since Mark died, but everybody else can… You know Becky, it’s not disrespectful to Mark if you move on.”

Roseanne and Dan arrive at the restaurant where she gets a chance to apologize to Becky for not being there during her hard time and reveal that she adopted the dog on her daughter’s behalf.

The episode ends with a loving tribute to the late actor Glenn Quinn, who played Mark on the show’s original run and passed away in 2002.