Rory Feek talks about how Indiana is coping after Joey's death

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Rory Feek says he and his 2-year-old daughter Indiana visit her “mama” daily. The Joey + Rory singer shares that they'll either walk or ride out to the back field where she rests, and that talk to her about their day. Its one of the ways they cope, but its also part of his long term plan to keep the late 40-year-olds memory alive for their only child together.

In a new This Life I Live blog post, Rory reveals that baby Indy hasn't asked for her mother since she died on March 4. On the surface that's sad, he admits, but it's also by design. Joey went out of her way to strengthen the girl's relationship with her father, at the expense of her own. Its a strategy they began in November, when it became clear she may not beat cancer.

In time Indy wanted to be with her father more than her mother, although both parents spent plenty of time with their child. If they're lucky, the toddler may retain a few memories of Mama, but Rory vows to make sure Indy watches the many videos hes created and sorts through their many photos.

Easter was Joey's favorite holiday, so father and daughter's trip to her resting place was special on Sunday (March 27). Rory shared a couple of photos and talked about how those trips usually go.

"I talk with my bride about what has happened that day, and what I'm worried or excited about and I share the latest thing that Indiana is doing," he writes. "Indy usually plays in the grass beside her, talking with her hands."

And for a little bit, were a family again. Indy is on Joey's lap and the world is right.

What’s Next For Rory and Indy?