QA: Sydney Leathers thinks Sean Hannity is the bomb, wants a radio career

Sydney Leathers was just a small town Indiana girl with a passion for politics, but all of that changed when her sexting relationship with shamed, married-with-infant New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner came to light. The 23-year-old discussed with FOX411 why she decided to go on a splashy, full disclosure media tour, and where she thinks her nascent career will be in a year.

FOX411: What did you think of Sean Hannity during your “Hannity” interview on Fox News Channel Tuesday night?

Sydney Leathers: He’s the nicest guy on Fox News. We had a good banter.

FOX411: Do you really think that all Fox News women are fembots, as you said in a recent interview?

Leathers: I didn’t mean all of them, a few specific ones that are very similar.  I have a lot of conservative family.

FOX411: Do you have political aspirations?

Leathers: I always said I would like to work on a political campaign, but behind the scenes.  I would not want to be front and center.

FOX411: Recently you did a naked photoshoot for Vivid Entertainment. Do you regret it?

Leathers: I’m glad I did it. Women are their worst critics. Doing the photoshoot, seeing the pictures, it was empowering.

FOX411: Did Vivid Entertainment offer for you to make a sex tape?

Leathers: They did offer, and I can’t say specifics, but they offered enough of money where this was something I considered. I wouldn’t do it now.

FOX411: Where do you want to be a year from now?

Leathers: I have a lot of different options. Pretty much everyone that has met with me has expressed working with me again. I volunteered with a radio service for eight years.  It was a program called the Radio Information Service. Mostly just news broadcasts, all for blind and print handicapped people. There are some talks of me co-hosting a radio show; maybe some political blogging.

FOX411: You spoke about "slut-shaming" in previous interviews, what do you make of comparisons to women like Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham, who have sex tapes for fame?

Leathers: It’s their choice. I don’t want to be judgmental and say, “Oh they're idiots,” but I don’t think Farrah Abraham cares about politics.

FOX411: Did you have the intention when you began an exchange with Anthony Weiner to sell the story?

Leathers: I’m not a dumb girl. I would have sold the pictures to TMZ if that was my intention, but once leaked my identity, I came on board.

FOX411: You knew Weiner was married so what was the reason you continued this sexting relationship?

Leathers: The thrill of the situation and we liked each other. He’d ask me about my family, jobs and cats. I think some men pretend to care, but it’s really about sex.

FOX411: What advice would you give to other women who may be sexting with a politician?

Leathers: I feel like there are other women who don’t want to come forward (about Weiner).  I’m not trying to call myself some whistleblower, and someone is lying, and you claim to care about politics. In hindsight, I did the right thing.