Phil Robertson sends message to Ted Cruz: 'You lost, he won'

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson sent former presidential candidate Ted Cruz a message on FOX & Friends Thursday morning: Get over it.

The reality star, who had been a big supporter of Cruz during his campaign, said it’s time for the Texas senator to get behind Donald Trump.

“I mean give me a break Ted, go ahead and endorse the man,” Robertson said on FOX & Friends following Cruz's Wednesday night speech at the Republican National Convention where he failed to endorse Trump. “I mean, you lost, he won.”

The Robertson patriarch continued, “I love that dude [Cruz] but all the guys who lost and gals, they all need to swallow their pride and say the people [and] the Republican Party has said Donald Trump is the man we want in the White House.”

Attending the RNC has taught Robertson a thing or two about politics, he shared.

“So I’m learning about politics as I’m going and I think maybe the key word is they need to learn how to forgive each other and let’s move on.”