Paris Hilton's Plunging Dress, Emma Stone's Signature Red Lips, and Much, Much More

Here's everything that's going on:

Earlier this week, Paris Hilton and her buddy Cheyenne Tozzi (an Australian model/singer) tried to out-cleavage each other on Tozzi's Instagram page (below). Paris won.

This coming Sunday during the Oscar telecast, we're willing to bet that Best Supporting Actress nominee Emma Stone will be sporting her signature red lips. (And if  we will win that bet.) To try the look for yourself,  check out our step-by-step tutorial in the video above.

According to Page Six, Madonna herself will not even be attending Madonna's annual post-Oscar party. Instead, she'll be rehearsing for next's weeks performance at the 2015 Brit Awards, leaving her guests with no one tell tell them where the coat room is. (Just pile them on the bed in the guest bedroom, guys.)

Earlier this week on Instagram, Christie Brinkley shared a leggy behind-the-scenes snapshot from her recent Barney's campaign (below). And at 61, she still looks so stunning that we almost didn't notice that hideous chandelier in the background. What the heck is up with that thing, right?

On Wednesday night, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea announced that she was quitting social media over body-shaming bullies. However, her management team has since taken over, apparently because her fans would be very lost without the impersonal, vanilla headshots they've posted in her absence.

On Friday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Ellen pranked Justin Bieber by having a crew member, dressed as the singer, pop out from underneath a nearby end table and shout in Justin's face. Needless to say, Ellen scared the bejesus out of him. Just watch — his bejesuses go flying all over the place:

Variety reports that yet another entry in the "Alien" franchise will soon find its way to theater screens. This time, Neill Blomkamp of "District 9" has been chosen to direct, and hopefully choose a new and exciting way for a disgusting little xenomorph to burst forth from one of the character's orifices.

Film director Zack Snyder shared the first official photo of "Game of Thrones" actor Jason Momoa as Aquaman (below). As you can see, he makes a pretty convincing man-fish, or fish-man, or whatever the hell Aquaman is supposed to be.

According to the National Enquirer, a 21-year-old man in New Jersey who claims to be the biological son of Jay Z is suing the rapper for allegedly lying in court in order to avoid taking a paternity test. In other words, Jay Z has 99 problems right now, and this dude is causing, like, 40 of them.

Harris Wittels, a producer on NBC's "Parks and Recreation," was found dead in his home on Thursday, the cause being a possible drug overdose. He was only 30, but by the looks of his friends' tweets, he'll be remembered as a larger-than-life character, just like Pawnee's own Li'l Sebastian.

And finally, a credit credit card once owned by Kurt Cohain of Nirvana has just gone up for auction online, so if you're willing to bid, you too can own the Visa that probably purchased a bunch of gently used cardigans from a Seattle-area consignment shop.