'OITNB' actress Taryn Manning sues NYC for $10M for 'false arrest'

“Orange Is the New Black” star Taryn Manning wants the city to cough up $10 million, saying she was falsely arrested in 2014 and accused of threatening the very person who had been stalking her, according to a petition filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Manning, who plays former meth-head Tiffany “Pennsa­tucky” Doggett in the hit Netflix series, was handcuffed on Nov. 18, 2014, at the Fifth Precinct station in Chinatown — even though the Manhattan DA’s Office had notified detectives she wasn’t going to be prosecuted, court papers claim.

The arrest capped a meeting with Manning, her attorney, Stacey Richman, and cops over allegations by ex-pal-turned-stalker Jeanine Heller that the petite star sent her threatening text messages, in violation of an order of protection.

“The meeting ended when I was handcuffed by a detective and locked in a small room adjacent to the interview room,” Manning, 37, said in a sworn affidavit. “Approximately 20 minutes later, I was removed . . . still handcuffed and marched through the precinct. I was processed and ultimately placed in a holding cell.”

At that point, Heller — who was not identified by name in the new filing — had already been busted twice before for allegedly stalking and harassing Manning, documents say.

Manning says she had to wait hours to be released from custody once the DA’s Office issued a formal declination of prosecution.

Her arrest was voided and sealed, but the NYPD leaked details of it to the media, she alleges. “My damages include attorney’s fees, hours of detention, emotional distress and reputational harm,” Manning said.

By filing the petition, Manning is seeking permission to file a late notice of claim against the city after failing to do so within the 90-day deadline.

Heller would later be arrested a third time before pleading guilty to violating a conditional discharge by continuously texting Manning. She was sentenced last summer to six months in jail.

Manning, who reignited her acting career as the God-fearing redneck felon on “OITNB,” has a history of legal woes.

She was accused less than two weeks ago of beating up her makeup artist Holly Hartman, who said the actress head-butted her, whipped her with a wet towel and sprayed her in the eyes with Windex last November, TMZ reported.

Manning also recently dispelled rumors she’s a second cousin of Super Bowl 50 champion quarterback Peyton Manning and his brother, Eli, the two-time Super-Bowl-winning QB with the Giants.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post's Page Six.