Nick Cannon's 'Cannon Dogs'

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Nick Cannon's CANNON DOGS

Independence-Inspiring Ingredients:

8 Nathan's Hot Dogs

8 Hot Dog Buns

1 Tablespoon Butter

1 Tablespoon Hot Sauce

Chili, 15 oz can (RED)*

Mozzarella Cheese, 8 oz shredded (WHITE)

Blue Corn Chips 17 oz bag (BLUE)




1. Heat butter and hot sauce over media-high skillet (or if using grill, no butter necessary - you can add hot sauce to chili later).

I'm really into spicy cuisines these days - we did name our son Moroccan afterall!

2. Using a knife, score the dogs (Nathan's are the best) so they don't plump up and explode in your face!

3. Using a rubber spatula (though I sometimes grab whatever's handy), move the hot dogs around in skillet until evenly browned and then remove from heat.

4. Place them nicely into the buns.

5. Spoon enough chili on top of the dogs to cover - I like a lot. The messier, the better. *If you're feeling super-ambitious, you can find a recipe for homemade chili but with the twins at home, the canned chili is a great time-saving shortcut.

6. Sprinkle a hearty amount of cheese on top of the chili (you can place under the broiler if cooking indoors to help melt).

7. Grab a handful of blue chips, crumble up nice and small and sprinkle over the top.

8. Open your mouth, take a step back so you don't make a mess of yourself, and take a manly bite!

9. If you eat one too many of these bad boys, be sure to have the Pepto on hand. It's got you covered* for all your summer celebrations!

*Use as directed.