New Dating Book Says Feminism Ruins Relationships, Women Can Stop Men From Cheating

First there was the "Dog Whisperer."

Then there was the "Ghost Whisperer."

Now comes the controversial new dating and relationship guide “The Man Whisperer: A Gentle, Results Orientated Approach to Communication.”

Why is it controversial? Because according to the two (female) authors, feminism has done wonders in providing women with equal rights fiscally and politically, but it sure as heck has messed up modern love lives, and they say it is time to undo the damage.

“While modern women have been conditioned to ‘act like men’ in the office in order to climb the corporate ranks and to get ahead, unfortunately women have taken this same masculine attitude with them into their love life,” author Donna Sozio told Pop Tarts. “Then there’s the case of feminism teaching women that they are equal to men, but when it comes to love, romance, attraction and chemistry – men don’t fall in love with a woman because she is an equal. Men fall in love with women who are their compliment: feminine, sexually available, loving and appreciative.”

Furthermore, the authors swear that women have the innate ability to stop their significant other from having sex outside the relationship by speaking to their monogamy gene. Co-author Samantha Brett says men often do the dirty on their successful, gorgeous wives with those far less attractive or accomplished.

Why? She says most mistresses know just how to stroke the ego.

“These women make men feel good about themselves, they look up to men and are easily impressed. 'Man Whispering' is all about making a man feel like he is ‘the good guy,’ a woman’s ‘hero’ and that he has the infinite ability to please you,” Brett explained. “Women should 'whisper' to him every day about just how special and important he is to her, her family and the community. That’s how women keep their men by their sides instead of in the arms of another woman!”

The bottom line? Ladies looking for long-lasting love need to whip off the pants and replace them with a sweet skirt, and zip the lip when it comes to rattling off their novel-sized list of credentials and achievements, the authors say.

“The mistake women make is to think that the more they impress a man by regaling fabulously interesting tales of all they have done – the more they will fall in love with him. But men don’t fall in love with accomplishments,” Brett continued. “He wants nothing more than to be ‘the man’ in the relationship, the one who provides and protects his woman. When a man feels like he is not needed by a woman, his ego gets bruised and he retreats.”

When it comes to Hollywood circles, these “Man Whispering” theories may ring true. Over the past several years, several Oscar-winning actresses (Hilary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry) have fallen victim to the “Oscar Love Curse” and parted ways with their lovers just months after taking home the little gold guy, with many suspecting their success was too much for their men to take.

One more thing: apparently women should also quit wasting time gah-gahing with their girlfriends over coffee in a quest to try and “understand” the opposite sex.

“Most men’s brains are not wired to receive and compute information intuitively,” Sozio added. “Rather than fight it, just embrace the mystery. Women should start explaining what they need from men in plain language.”

And they don't even have to whisper.