NBC's New Year's Eve show with Carson Daly, Chrissy Teigen, Leslie Jones has viewers crying 'complete disaster' and 'trainwreck'

NBC's New Year's Eve show left many viewers appalled by a co-host and baffled by its last-second omission of the countdown clock.

During and after the broadcast, negative comments poured in on social media, with some calling the program a "complete disaster" and "trainwreck" for an evening of blunders.

"NBC this is the worst New Years Show ever!!!" wrote one user.

"NBC Is AWFUL!!!! What a horrible New Years program. They literally ruin everything they broadcast!" wrote another.

The show's lineup featured co-hosts Carson Daly, Chrissy Teigen, Leslie Jones, and Keith Urban. Criticism was particularly directed at Teigen, who devoted a segment to discussing "vaginal steaming."

"I'm embarrassed for America watching @chrissyteigen talk about vaginal steaming. Way to help me ring in the new year with family. Turning it to Fox now," wrote one user.

The program was also mocked for cutting away just minutes before midnight "to show local celebration at a hotel with maybe 12 in attendance," wrote a Twitter user.

And in yet another forgettable moment, Teigen's face was crushed by an umbrella after a failed attempt to hug guest Leslie Jones after the clock struck midnight.