Moms thrown out of 'Bad Moms' for bringing underage kids to movie

A movie theater ended up with a crowd of mad moms after they were kicked out of the flick "Bad Moms."

A group of Florida moms were outraged when they were asked to leave a Regal movie theater in Fort Myers after fellow patrons complained they were breasftfeeding during "Bad Moms."

Some of the moms who attended the showing brought babies as young as four weeks to see the film, but they were eventually asked to leave for bringing children under 6-years-old to an R-rated movie.

Some of the moms claim they were kicked out for breastfeeding not for bringing their kids to the adult film.

"No one had communicated that children under six were not allowed in R-rated movies," one of the moms Amber Cebull told KARE 11. "We had breastfeeding moms with infants, one 4 weeks and one 7 months, and they refused them entry."

One mom told a local news station she was told by an employee she needed to cover up when she was breastfeeding.

"[The employee] was like 'You can either cover up or you can leave.' I was just, at that point, I was so hurt and walked away. Tears came down," moviegoer Juliana Valverde told WTVR.

Florida state law allows women to breastfeed in public locations.

Regal did not immediately return FOX411's inquiries regarding why the women were kicked out of the theater.

"Bad Moms" stars Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell.