Missy Robertson's first date with Jase was a revenge date!

Missy Robertson has been happily married to hubby Jase for over 20 years but she told Rob Shuter of VH-1’s “The Gossip Table” that they had a rather unusual start to their romance.

The “Duck Dynasty” star reveals that initially Jase was dating one of Missy’s friends who unbeknownst to him was also dating someone else. A fact which did not sit well with Jase.

“She didn’t like that Jase had found out so she wasn’t acting very nice,” Missy tells Shuter. “So we decided to go on a date just to make her mad and that’s how we started out. We went to a school function just to make sure she and a bunch of people saw us.”

She also laughingly recalled that when Jase dropped her off at the end of their ‘revenge’ date she jumped out with a breezy ‘see you later,’ which surprised Jase.

But a few days later Cupid came in the form of a friend who informed both Missy and Jase that each thought the other was cute, which amazingly they both didn’t find out about until years later.

“She was friends with us all through while we were dating and I can’t believe she never told us she did that until a few years ago,” she chortled.