Miley Cyrus' Ridiculous Outfit, L'Apicio's Negroni Bianco, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening, everybody:

• On Wednesday, Miley Cyrus made an appearance at Adult Swim's annual upfront party in NYC, where she smoked a huge blunt on stage. She also performed a few songs wearing nothing but pasties, butterfly wings and a thong-like thing that reached up over her shoulders (censored pic below), or, as we like to call them, three things that can't technically be defined as "clothes."

• Unlike Miley, our vices tend to be booze-based, which is why we often feature drink recipes from New York City eatery L'Apicio. They made us a great cocktail  but now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, we're in the mood for something a little more refreshing, like their negroni bianco. Watch the video above to see how it's made, then

• Despite needing to complete 125 hours of community service by the end of the month, Lindsay Lohan missed her first 10-hour shift at the Duffield Children's Center in Brooklyn on Tuesday. This actually goes a long way toward explaining the odd sound we heard on Tuesday morning, which was undoubtedly the parents of those children breathing a collective sigh of relief.

• Kendall Jenner was recently announced as the new face of Penshoppe, which, despite its name, is actually a Filipino fashion company and not a shop where one can expect to buy pens. No, really! They even released a promotional video of Kendall modeling their skin-tight jeans:

• Possibly because of a contract dispute, longtime "Simpsons" voice actor Harry Shearer is likely leaving the show. To give you an idea of what a loss that is, Shearer voices Mr. Burns, Smithers, Kent Brockman, Flanders, and Reverend Lovejoy among dozens of other characters who will soon probably start to sound oddly like Hank Azaria.

• After 15 years on the air, CBS announced Wednesday that they're canceling "CSI" after its next season. Fans of the series will just have to satiate their lust for crime-scene investigation by using their own blacklight kits to finally investigate the strange stains and bodily fluids on their linens, rugs and bathroom sinks.

• CBS also released an extended trailer for their new series "Supergirl" (below), which, despite a few origin scenes and a sequence in which she saves a plane, looks very much like a televised version of "The Devil Wears Prada," with Jimmy Olsen standing in for the Stanley Tucci character:

• After introducing an anonymous female version of their popular Thor character last year, Marvel Comics revealed the identity of the superheroine to be (spoiler alert!) Jane Foster, who, up until now, was an occasional supporting character/love interest. So now, all of Marvel's fanboys can finally impart Jane's personality on the cartoon woman they've secretly been lusting after for 10 months now.

• On Wednesday, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea debuted a music video for their new song "Pretty Girls" — or at least that's what we're told we just watched. The way this thing is loaded with product placements, we first assumed it was a long-form commercial for the Samsung Galaxy 6 and MateFit detox tea, the latter of which waits a whole zero seconds before making its debut on-screen:

• Bradley Cooper has reportedly signed on to appear in an upcoming CBS television series based on his 2011 movie "Limitless," apparently because Cooper is unjustifiably confident that today's audiences are clamoring for more of his 2011 movie "Limitless."

• According to a friend of Lindsay Vonn's, the real reason she and Tiger Woods broke up was because Tiger cheated on her with a "faceless-nameless woman" following his February golf tournament. (We understand that the words "faceless" and "nameless" merely mean Tiger's paramour isn't famous, but for a second there, we thought women with no faces were a new fetish of his.)

• And finally, the nondescript guy with the shortish dark hair won over the other nondescript guy with the slightly longer (but still shortish) dark hair on Wednesday night's finale of "American Idol." His name is Nick or something. Just watch the video below.