Miley Cyrus mocks Michele Bachmann, earns praise for her sexy ‘Republican’ look

Miley Cyrus hosted "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend and for her performance she decided to look a bit more … conservative?

During the show, Cyrus lampooned her VMA performance and her alleged use of the party drug molly. She joked that she used to think twerking was cool until white people started doing it, and explained that her wholesome “Hannah Montana” character had been murdered.

But it was her takdeown of Michele Bachmann and the ongoing government slimdown that had everyone talking. In a parody of her "We Can't Stop" music video, titled "We Did Stop (The Government)," Cyrus danced alongside "SNL" cast member Taran Killam, who played a crop-top wearing John Boehner. For the video, the 20-year-old donned a shoulder-length brunette wig, black suit top and itty bitty tight shorts. Her sexed-up Bachmann act included plenty of cleavage, tongue-poking, crotch-touching and a little bit of twerking.

"If you're not ready for health care can I can a hell no," Cyrus crooned. "And we did stop the government, shut that down...This is our house, this is our rules."

According to many, the racy conservative look was far more appealing than her reigning blonde pixie, birthday suit aesthetic.

"Miley Cyrus as Michele Bachmann was weirdly super hot, a sentence I never expected to say," one tweeted, others called the Bachmann look "oddly sexy," another observed that it was "the best she has looked in a long time" and the "Republican swag works for her."

Others started urging the songstress to "grow her hair out Bachmann style" and that she looks better as Michele than Miley.

A rep for Bachmann did not respond to a request for comment.

Overall, critics gave Cyrus a nod of approval for her hosting duties, some even going as far as to call it something of a career "redemption," but not everyone was impressed with the continued flesh-flashing and overtly risqué behavior.

"Miley is still gross," one viewer quipped, as another weighed in: "she is trashy, end of story."