Merritt Patterson and Sophie Colquhoun of ‘The Royals’ Dish on the Sizzling Series

Sex, drugs, money and power?

According to this royal family, it’s just another day at the palace.

E! is premiering their first scripted drama series, titled “The Royals,” and it’s certain to become your next guilty pleasure.

The 10-episode series follows the delightful decadence of a fictitious British royal family, starring Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena and her scandalous children, playboy Prince Liam (William Moseley) and bad girl Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park).

But two sizzling stars you’ll want to watch out for in the show? Merritt Patterson and Sophie Colquhoun, whose characters Ophelia and Gemma will battle it out, “Mean Girls”-style for the prince’s heart.

For our exclusive interview with these ladies, as well as juicy clips from “The Royals,” check out the video above.