Matt Lauer mocks sexual harassment, drops his pants in resurfaced 'Today' clips

Matt Lauer's past is coming back to haunt him.

After the news of Lauer's firing from NBC following an allegation of sexual harassment, several videos of the disgraced anchor poking fun at sexual harassment have resurfaced.

A video of a mock "Today" show segment featuring Lauer joking about sexual harassment in the workplace was shared by "The Daily Show" on Wednesday.

The dusted up coverage shows coworker Willie Geist smacking Lauer's bottom with a rolled up paper. In response, Lauer slaps Geist's backside. Geist plays the role of the aggressor while Lauer the victim.

The skit is supposed to be an internal investigation which was caught on camera, and the "Today" cast including Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales and Al Roker weighed in on the ill-advised joke.

Even Dustin Hoffman, who was a guest on set at the time, and has been accused of inappropriate conduct in the recent weeks, weighed in with a lewd comment.

Another sketch from 2014 shows Lauer spilling coffee on himself. He then takes his pants off and says, "I gotta repress my designer slacks."

A "Today" page then begins to iron Lauer's pants as several female co-hosts walk by.

Lauer then exclaims, "Drink it in, ladies!"

The women say back, "Again, Matt?" "Really?" "It’s the third time this week!” “Did your mommy give you those?” “Stop it! You’re making me lactate.”

As they leave, Lauer turns and says, “Get it while it lasts!”

Lauer was let go from his tenure at "Today" after a staffer accused the TV personality of "inappropriate sexual behavior.'  A staff memo was sent out by NBC News Chairman Andy Lack who wrote the network recieved "a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer."

Lack added, "It represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company's standards. As a result, we've decided to terminate his employment."

The decision to fire Lauer came after a meeting on Monday at 6 p.m. where a lawyer for the victim met with NBC execs for "several hours," the lawyer stated. The alleged incident took place during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, NBC News reported.