Mario Lopez Denies Bad Blood Between Him And Maria Menounos On ‘Extra’

Mario Lopez was the center of controversy last month when it was rumored that he and “Extra” co-star Maria Menounos had an acrimonious falling out.

But, in an interview with Fox News Latino,  the former “Saved by the Bell” star denied any bad blood between the two long-time hosts, saying there was no truth to the rumors. Menounos was said to have left the celebrity show because the two hosts didn’t get along.

“Those are just rumors,” the 40-year-old said. “She’s still at work every day. We’re fine. There is no truth to that.”

Lopez recently finished hosting Fox’s talent-search show, “The X Factor,” hosts a daily radio show on iHeartRadio, is a spokesman for several organizations and companies and is constantly traveling across the country to events.

But he said working on “Extra” was his “dream job.”

“I get to meet a bunch of celebrities from all walks of life, from the world of entertainment, sports and politics,” he said.

Lopez has become sort of the Hispanic Ryan Seacrest – a prolific entrepreneur and father of two who dabbles in radio, TV and even book publishing (he recently released a children’s book.) On Tuesday, he visited Fox News Latino to plug his latest venture – he’s spokesman for a hair-loss product called Nioxin.

“I feel very blessed to be doing everything that I’m doing and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” he said. “It is a juggling act and it’s a tough balance and I just sort of do it. It’s an action-packed day and I have a very understanding wife and family and they are supportive and, ultimately, I am doing it for them.”

Lopez also weighed in on paparazzi following him and his family – a point of contention among some celebrities.

“I live in LA so I see a lot of the paparazzi. Here is how I look at it: they’re going to be there anyway and I can let it bother me or I can just accept it for as it is,” he said. “As long as they are not bothering or being a hindrance or scaring my kids, I don’t have an issue with it. They are just taking pictures and my little girl’s a ham. Sometimes they take great pictures.”

He said he sometimes even gets a kick out of the photos of his children and cuts them out to put it in his album.

“I think celebrities take themselves a little too seriously,” he said “Unless it becomes dangerous, then I don’t let it bother me.”

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