Madonna says Trump's election is like 'being stuck in a nightmare'

On election night Madonna prayed, lit candles, meditated and even offered her life to God forever, asking that Donald Trump not be elected.

“It was just like watching a horror show,” the pop singer said in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Madonna, 58, is no stranger to offering work that pushes boundaries. From her “Sex” book to “Like a Prayer” video, her work has been controversial.

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She says she feels like she’s one of the few people in the music industry who’s speaking out politically. She believes her colleagues are afraid to lose Instagram followers or popularity and therefore stay silent or neutral.

“As I get older and I get better at writing and expressing myself, then you get into my 'American Life' era, and I start talking about politics and government and how f---ed our country's politics are, and the illusion of fame and Hollywood and the beautiful people,” the singer, songwriter and actress said.

She said the election of Trump has hit her hard.

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The Michigan-born singer said ever since that night she wakes up and “it's like when you break up with somebody who has really broken your heart. You wake up and for a second you're just you, and then you go, ‘Oh, the person I love more than anything has just broken my heart, and I'm devastated and I'm broken and I have nothing. I'm lost.’ That's how I feel every morning. I wake up and I go, ‘Wait a second. Donald Trump is the president. It's not a bad dream. It really happened.’ It's like being dumped by a lover and also being stuck in a nightmare.”

Madonna is currently working on a film called “Love,” an adaptation of Andrew Sean Greer’s novel “The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells.”

She co-wrote the screenplay and will be directing it as well.

"I've always felt oppressed. I know a lot of people would go, 'Oh, that's ridiculous for you to say that. You're a successful white, wealthy pop star,' but I've had the s--t kicked out of me for my entire career, and a large part of that is because I'm female and also because I refuse to live a conventional life. I've created a very unconventional family. I have lovers who are three decades younger than me. This makes people very uncomfortable. I feel like everything I do makes people feel really uncomfortable.”