Logan Paul returns to YouTube with announcement of $1 million donation to suicide prevention

Weeks after receiving immense backlash over an offensive video, YouTube megastar Logan Paul has returned to the platform with a new video, a donation and a pledge to help spread suicide prevention awareness.

Paul received immediate backlash after posting a video from Japan’s Aokigahara forest where he and friends came across the body of a suicide victim. The spot is a common place for Japanese citizens to end their lives, and Paul’s followers were upset to see that he not only posted footage of the body, but reacted in a jocular way to the tragic sight. Paul released a video roughly three weeks ago in which he revealed that he’ll be taking a break from daily vlogging for a while.

Still, the response was so negative that it prompted him to make two public apologies and lost him a handful of future projects with YouTube, where he’s been one of its most popular celebrities for years.

In his first video back, Paul tackles the conversation of suicide head on.

“I know I’ve made mistakes, I know I’ve let people down. But what happens when you’re given an opportunity to help make a difference in the world,” Paul asks in his new video. “It’s time to learn from the past as I get better and grow as a human being. I’m here to have a hard conversation so that those who are suffering can have easier ones.”

While the video marks the vloggers return, he didn’t let himself off the hook, showing footage of various news outlets covering his regrettable video from the forest, which has since been removed.

The video then shows Paul meeting with experts on suicide prevention as well as a man who survived his own suicide attempt. The video ends with the star’s promise to donate $1 million to various suicide prevention groups including $250,000 to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

You can Paul's return video below.