Lindsay Lohan's Wardrobe Malfunction, Kelsey Nixon's Pumpkin Penuche Cookies, and Much, Much More

Here's everything that's going on:

Lindsay Lohan tried to "break the internet with clothes on" over the weekend, posting a selfie in a revealing jumpsuit on Twitter and Instagram. She failed, but we have a feeling she'd have been more successful if she just mentioned that her nipple was hanging out in another recent pic with Kris Jenner (censored version below).

As the host of "Kelsey's Essentials," Kelsey Nixon has helped millions of viewers learn the essential techniques for cooking great meals at home. So when she offered to demonstrate her pumpkin penuche cookie recipe for our cameras, we were all ears (and stomachs). Check out how she does it in the video above, then

The finale of ABC's "The Bachelor" aired on Monday night, with (formerly single) bachelor Chris Soules picking that 20-something medical professional over that other, less blonde 20-something medical assistant. If you can tell one from the other, this link here reveals who won.

As of this past weekend, Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" has officially become the highest-grossing U.S. theatrical release of 2014, taking in $337.2 million since its December release. Surprisingly, that puts it slightly ahead of the blockbuster film "Hunger Games: Mockingjay"; and not so surprisingly, that puts it way ahead of "Mortdecai," which is a film that apparently nobody wanted to see.

According to Deadline, Bruce Willis, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg have signed on to star in Woody Allen's next project. As of now, there are "no plot details" to speak of, so we'll just have to imagine what kind of neurotic, adulterous escapade Eisenberg will be getting himself into, because c'mon — we all know Eisenberg is going to be the neurotic Woody Allen stand-in for this one.

After giving birth to her and Chris Hemsworth's twin boys just under a year ago, Spanish model Elsa Patakay posed for the cover of Women's Health U.K. in nothing but a tank top and a pair of bikini bottoms (below). After getting an eyeful of those abs (and considering Hemsworth's), we're beginning to wonder if their kids popped out of the womb with rippling six-packs, too.

Television producer Sam Simon, perhaps best known for co-creating "The Simpsons" in 1989, passed away on Sunday following a long battle with colon cancer. He was 59.

On Monday, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas showed up unexpectedly in a NYC comic book shop, just "browsing the store, looking at the 'Star Wars' stuff." Perhaps now that he's handed over the reins of his franchise to Disney, he needed to come by and reminisce, like an old cowboy who can't ride anymore, looking out over the range.

The first full-length trailer for Disney's "Tomorrowland" has hit the web (below), officially leaving Disney with one less park attraction to turn into a major motion picture. After this, they'll have to choose between a film adaption of "The Hall of Presidents" or a big-screen blockbuster based on that bank of water fountains by the bathrooms at Epcot.

Despite not yet premiering on television, AMC has greenlit a second season of their untitled spinoff of "The Walking Dead." Apparently, they figure that since we already watched one crop of survivors shuffle through Georgia for five seasons, we'll watch a bunch of other jerks wander around for at least two more.

And finally, according to a source for The National Enquirer, Taylor Swift had her legs insured for $40 million dollars. Your insurance company, on the other hand, values your souvenir spoon collection at negative $40 bucks.