Lindsay Lohan 'Hooking Up' With Designer Philipp Plein, Source Says

Lindsay Lohan was recently linked to multimillionaire hotelier Vikram Chatwal, but it seems that rumored rendezvous is already yesterday's news.

According to a well-placed source, the troubled star is now “hooking up” with famed German designer Philipp Plein, who brought her to Italy just last Friday to front his 2012 line.

“Lindsay has been staying in Philipp’s room every night since she arrived,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “There’s a lot of chemistry there.”

A rep for Plein did not respond to a request for comment, and a rep for Lohan denied the two were dating. Nathan Folks, producer and co-founder with Cassandra Gava in Twisted Sister/Twisted Games Entertainment, the company which facilitated the fashion deal, also said he was “unaware” of any association between the pair beyond work.

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Pop Tarts also learned Lohan, who hasn’t secured a lead acting role in years, is making close to half a million dollars for the modeling gig and its associated appearances. But given her wild reputation, it didn’t come easily.

“It took two months of various negotiations because people were hesitant to hire her,” said a source close to the deal. “But Plein is really happy with Lindsay; she loves the clothes and is working really hard and doing a great job.”

And this isn’t the only European escapade in Lohan’s immediate future.

“We are very happy that she is working on the campaign and expect many more in the upcoming months including a potential trip to Russia in October to meet Russian diplomats," Folks added. "This is more of our effort to engage Lindsay in more European endeavors. They seem to be able to look beyond the past and realize everyone has a setback."

"Lindsay is dead set on reviving her film career and modeling career," Folks added. "We are proud of her. Her comeback has begun."