Kenny G's Surprisingly Good Valentine's Day Advice

Kenny G's music has probably provided the soundtrack for more amorous encounters than anybody can count. But how does the musician himself prepare for a romantic evening?

Not surprisingly, he's all about first setting the mood with music.

"For an unforgettable romantic night, you need the right music," suggests Kenny, whose latest album "Brazilian Nights" is filled with tantalizing bossa nova tunes. "Here's what's great about bossa nova: It's not so sleepy that it creates, like, a muzak," he says. "And it's not so rhythmical that it distracts you from having your own romantic moments and vibe."

Once the music is all set, Kenny's next Valentine's tip is to plan romantic meal  — and a home-cooked one, at that.

"Look, I like to cook," he says. "I think a woman really likes to be catered to in that way."

Don't know how to cook? Don't get flustered just yet. Even if you're a dud in the kitchen, Kenny still has you covered. Watch our interview above to hear the rest of his surprisingly good advice.