Kelly Rohrbach Prepares For 'Baywatch,' Blake Shelton Denies Peeing on a Mailbox, and Much More

Here's what's going on out there:

• SI model Kelly Rohrbach — who will also be starring in Paramount's "Baywatch" film adaptation — recently Instagrammed a sexy swimsuit snapshot among the sand and surf (above). In doing so, Rohrbach also seems to suggest that she, like fellow thespians Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale, has gone "method" in order to prepare for her role as L.A. County Lifeguard C.J. Parker.

• Just one week after announcing that Behati Prinsloo is expecting her first child with Adam Levine, E! News has learned that Candice Swanepoel, her friend and fellow Victoria's Secret Angel, is also expecting. So if ever there were a time for Victoria's Secret and CBS to start planning a "Victoria's Secret Maternity Show," this is it.

• Speaking of Swanepoel, we interviewed the South African supermodel right before her appearance in 2014's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Check out some clips below while you think up a gift for her baby shower, but please, don't give her any (She's )

• Blake Shelton has reportedly filed a lawsuit against In Touch magazine over claims they made in their September 2015 issue: namely, that he peed on a mailbox while drunk. However, we personally knew this story was false from the get-go: As everybody knows, if you're gonna mail urine, you trust the experts at UPS.

• After joining Instagram over the weekend, Pope Francis has already amassed over 1.5 million followers, and his first post has already garnered hundreds of thousands of "likes" (below). And that's without showing off his ripped papal abs in a shirtless duckface selfie!

• On Saturday, Reese Witherspoon celebrated her 40th birthday at Hollywood's Warwick nightclub, where she partied with celebrity pals Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Aniston, and was even treated to a private performance from Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, in related news, the Olive Garden just called. You can't book their event room for your birthday; it's being cleaned after a septic incident.

• In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, Coldplay singer Chris Martin revealed with his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow — with whom he still vacations, and with whom he "consciously uncoupled" — has been "a weird one." So thanks for clearing that up, Martin. We honestly wouldn't have guessed.

• The other day on Instagram, "Pretty Girls" singer Britney Spears posted a skimpy bikini photo to celebrate the first day of spring (below), and possibly to prove that she's been diligent about getting ready for bikini season, whereas the rest of us only started eating salads last week:

• And finally, according to tabloid magazine Woman's Day, Olivia Newton-John's former lover Patrick McDermott — who was presumed dead after disappearing from a fishing vessel in 2005 — had actually faked his own death, and is now living in Mexico with a new girlfriend. In other words, Newton-John's actual love life would've made for a much better story than Sandy and Danny's stupid high-school crush.