Reality TV star Kate Gosselin said she isn't cheating on her husband, Jon, and called the accusations disgusting and unthinkable.

In a story published Tuesday on People magazine's Web site, Gosselin said she's the target of tabloid lies romantically linking her with a bodyguard who frequently travels with the family. She spoke out following recent accounts that portrayed her as the victim of her husband's infidelity.

The Gosselins, along with their eight children, star on the TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which captures on-camera the challenges of raising a large family.

But TV stardom has brought its own challenges in the form of unsought media attention.

Last week, Jon Gosselin denied reports of an affair with a 23-year-old schoolteacher, while apologizing for having put his family in an "awkward situation."

Now, it's Kate Gosselin's turn.

"The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family," she said, referring to bodyguard Steve Neild. "Already the allegations they're making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified."

She voiced regret that the family's friends had been drawn into the media frenzy, and said she was "totally panicking" that the scandalous publicity might drive them away.

"I keep calling them, begging, `Seriously, I'm so sorry. Don't run away from us.' They keep saying, `We're fine, we're fine.' But they have paparazzi in front of their house. It's so upsetting."

The fifth season of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" premieres May 25.