Joey Fatone: NSYNC wasn't prepared for interviews

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Actor and musician Joey Fatone is back with the cast of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” 14 years after the original film became the top grossing romantic comedy of all time.

Fatone told FOX411 the actors haven’t set out to try to beat the box office success of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

“It was great catching up and it was like almost no time has passed,” he said. “It was that kind of thing and it was ‘Hey let’s have fun. Let’s shoot a movie. We’re not trying to top the first one. We’re just trying to tell a story.’”

He said his on-screen family is similar to his real-life relatives.

“We’re all loud and obnoxious. I think that goes without saying, my family is as well as their family.”

Fatone recently reunited with another “family” when he worked on the Syfy zombie film “Dead 7” alongside his NYSNC bandmates. The Backstreet Boys and O-Town are also in the film.

The ’90s boy banders swapped stories on the set.

“O-Town went through like this whole media training thing which ourselves and Backstreet never had… Sometimes people would look at us and go ‘Why’d you say that? That’s not right. You shouldn’t have said that’ and we’re like ‘What? We’re kids what the hell do we know?’”

Fatone said there was competition between the bands but never a full-blown rivalry.

“It was more of a friendlier competition, even though we never really hung out that much or talked about it. And I think as you get older you realize exactly what everything means to you it’s not so much of being on top-- it’s performing; it’s being able to show the people what you can do, and enjoy what you’re doing and hopefully people enjoy what they’re watching.”

“Dead 7” is set to be released next month and ‘”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” in theaters March 25th.