'Jesus Storybook Bible' adult version works because we're all kids inside, author says

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New York Times best selling author Sally Lloyd Jones' “The Jesus Storybook Bible” just hit a milestone achievement with more than 2 million copies sold. The popularity of her children’s storybook spurred the British-American author to write an adult version.

“The truth is, I didn't know I was writing for adults, I was really just writing for children,” she told FOX411. “I think if you treat children with excellence and you write with excellence then you write with the kind of quality they deserve and you work hard and you don’t just dumb it down. Excellence is the most inclusive thing and you are going to reach the adult without even being able to help it.”

Jones said the reason "Storybook" hit a chord is because she spent time making sure the plot was emphasized.

“And when do we ever hear the plot line of the Bible?" she said. "We may go to church and be there for Bible study but it is very rare that we are going to sit down and actually read the Bible cover to cover. Most of us think we we know what the Bible is all about. It’s about the God who loves us, it is a story of his love for us.”

She also said adults received her book so positively because in many ways, deep down, they are still kids.

“I think God often speaks to us in that place where we are still children inside,” she said. “And it may be in some mysterious way this book was written for children now in an adult edition—even though the words are the same —to the a place where the child is still alive. That is where we are open to wonder and we are open to him and that is where change can happen. I sort of love that children have led the way.”