Jessica Simpson's Style Anniversary, Giada De Laurentiis' Divorce Settlement, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

• Jessica Simpson celebrated her fashion brand's 10-year anniversary with a photoshoot in the same location as the company's first, which looks to be a deserted ghost town in the middle of the nowhere (above). And if this is any indication of where the brand is headed, we expect Simpson to celebrate her 20th anniversary on that huge garbage island in the middle of the Pacific.

• "Grey's Anatomy" actress Ellen Pompeo posed in nothing but a white lab coat and a stethoscope for the cover of Entertainment Weekly's latest issue (below). But before you go jumping to any conclusions, she's merely promoting the upcoming season of her medical drama, and not announcing her participation in the ninth installment of the "Sensuous Surgeons" DVD series your son is hiding under his bed.

• Now that their divorce has been finalized, celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis has been ordered to pay ex-husband Todd Thompson $9,000 per month in child support and hand over their $3.2 million mansion. Hopefully, though, she got to keep her Nonna's recipe for savory stuffed artichokes. That's a cherished De Laurentiis family secret, Todd!!!

• According to a source for Hollywood Life, Comedy Central is trying to secure Kanye West for their next "Comedy Central Roast." The network is reportedly "confident" he'll agree to it, perhaps because Comedy Central's offices are located in the Bizarro World, where Kanye West has any sense of humor about himself whatsoever.

• Picturehouse Entertainment has released their first trailer for "The Lobster," a new film which follows the story of a man (Colin Farrell) who will transform into a lobster if he doesn't find love within 45 days (below). However, if he's successful, he'll transform into an actor that has redeemed himself for HBO's last season of "True Detective."

• In an interview with the Associated Press, Steven Speilberg shared his belief that superhero films will soon be "supplanted by some other genre" when audiences tire of the big-budget flicks. He didn't mention which genre they'll be supplanted with, but he's probably hoping "archaeologist adventurer movies" get another chance to shine.

• Despite giving a "fantastic" performance and working with a voice coach to nail a Boston accent, English actress Sienna Miller was reportedly cut from Johnny Depp's upcoming film "Black Mass." Miller shouldn't fret, though, because at the very least, her new Boston accent should grant her access to all the best parking in Harvard Yard.

• Focus Features has released their first trailer for "The Danish Girl," which stars Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne as a cross-dressing gentleman who realizes he's better off as a woman. So it's kinda like "Tootsie," only if "Tootsie" took place in 1930s Denmark, and if Dustin Hoffman got gender reassignment surgery at the end.

• And finally, just days after MTV had to deny she farted on live TV, Taylor Swift's publicist is now having to refute claims that Swift was doing cocaine backstage at the VMAs. By the way, we whole-heartedly agree Swift was not doing cocaine. For starters, she merely looks to be blowing her nose in this video obtained by Gawker, and furthermore, cocaine doesn't really cause flatulence.