Jennifer Lawrence reportedly de-bloats with dandelion tea: Which celeb has the best get-skinny secret?

Look at your calendar: Memorial Day weekend is less than a month away — which means you may be expected to wear a swimsuit in the near future. Need a "quick fix" to slim down fast? Look no further than Hollywood, of course.

Jessica Alba made headlines last week for revealing that she tortured herself in a double corset day and night for three months to lose the baby weight. Was it worth it? To end up looking like Jessica, maybe.

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Jennifer Lawrence also has something of an odd approach — she drinks dandelion tea to de-bloat. "It’s a brilliant diuretic that helps to prevent water retention and flush out toxins," her trainer Dalton Wong tells Life & Style.

Why is Gwyneth Paltrow the "most hated celebrity"? Well, it's partially because she has bragged about cutting meat, most carbs, coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, corn, shellfish, fish, wheat, meat and soy from her diet. That leaves ... nothing?? But she's "the most beautiful woman in the world," so we guess it pays off.

Here's an old-school reason to be a Hathahater. Back in 2011, Anne Hathaway told "Chelsea Lately" she was "living on kale and dust" to get into her Catwoman costume. Not the healthiest advice for impressionable young fans.

Shape magazine reports that Gwen Stefani is a follower of the Pressed Juicery diet, in which you drink six juices a day that are delivered every morning.

At least Hayden Panettiere avoids gimmicks and actually eats like a normal person. "I make egg-white scrambles with veggies for breakfast" she tells Life & Style. "For lunch, I have chicken or fish and greens, which are good for keeping your system working. I’m a fan of sushi for dinner ... I can’t be full on a salad."

Kourtney Kardashian lost 45 pounds after giving birth to her daughter Penelope last July, thanks to morning protein shakes, her trainer tells Life & Style.

But Beyonce's technique is the tastiest: She told Shape magazine she lost the baby weight by cutting back on pasta, but treats herself to whatever she wants on Sundays (usually pizza).

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Which celeb has the best get-skinny advice?